Should you marry an entrepreneur?

Should you marry an entrepreneur?

Should you marry an entrepreneur? It sounds like one of those questions you’ll find on a comedy quiz show but it’s a valid one. Meet Amanda Leeds! Some of you will already be familiar with Samuel’s wife (click here to visit her YouTube). For those who are new, prepare to be mesmerised. Often the life and soul of the party but equally a quiet bookwork, Amanda is a truly endearing character. In this episode, you’ll get some great insight into the dynamics of their relationship, business and home.

One of the questions Samuel gets asked often is about his time. People assume he is always working and has little time for leisure. It’s not true! Samuel is often at home and is described as a family-man. He loves spending time with his children and of course, those fantastic, frequent holidays.

It might appear as if Samuel is constantly on-the-go or in the office because that’s mostly what you see. Amanda enjoys having her time to just do what she wants to do too. She is involved in several big property development projects. One of those ventures is the castle which we’ve spoken about many times before. The castle is a marvellous property which is being restored and renovated to its rightful glory.

Balance and Commitment

If you are a budding property entrepreneur and are wondering how to balance that with a relationship, watch this video. You might be single now but there could come a time when you meet somebody special. Should you have to let go of what you’re doing to make them happy? Is there a way for both of you to be excited and content? A lot of it comes down to time management, communication and commitments.

There are occasions when Samuel will decide not to go to the office. He will instead choose to have a spontaneous family day. Of course, these kinds of decisions are easier to make the more successful you are. If you are just starting out, it’s worth telling your partner truthfully about the effort that will be required to succeed. Once you’ve succeeded, you can both enjoy the freedom!

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