How To Become Financially Free In 2020!

financial freedom

How To Become Financially Free In 2020! In this blog, I’m going to talk about how to become financially free in 2020! This works for even if you’re starting with little or no money. One of the strategies that people have been scared to use in the past few months that had brought them a […]

Samuel Leeds’ Predictions and Hot Tips for the Post-Covid Economy

Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds’ Predictions and Hot Tips for the Post-Covid Economy! Samuel Leeds has been investing in the housing market for the last 11 years, pulling off hundreds of wide-ranging property deals. Here, Samuel gives his predictions for the trends which will emerge in property investing and the opportunities a changing economy will bring over the […]

Pressure Selling Complaints

Samuel Leeds

Pressure Selling Complaints I’ve just got a complaint from a couple from down in Ella. They said that I hard-sold them…PRESSURE-SOLD them! First, I pressure-sold them to come to the crash course. Then, I pressure-sold them to buy my training programs. Then I pressure-sold them to go into action to get some property deals. Then […]

What To Do With Your Inheritance Money?


What To Do With Your Inheritance Money? Do you want to know how you can invest your money to get the highest returns? More specifically, do you want to know what you can do with your inheritance money? People, as young as eighteen-year-olds, can inherit huge sums of money from their parents or grandparents. It […]

Serviced Accommodation – How To Earn Maximum Rent

serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodation is a way of renting out property and is something that has completely revolutionized most landlords and investors finances. Instead of renting out something like a studio flat that will fetch you around four hundred pounds a month, you rent it out per night for the same amount of money just like hotels […]

Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent (BRRR) Strategy Explained

buy refurbish refinance

Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent (BRRR) Strategy Explained Investors use the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent (BRRR) Strategy for creating a lucrative investment. This blog explains what the strategy is, and its pros and cons. If you want to know about the BRRR Strategy and how it can help you with your investments, just keep reading! Basics […]

Lord Sugar’s comments leave sour taste!

Samuel Leeds

Lord Sugar’s comments leave sour taste Now it’s time to look at a claim levelled at me in The Scottish Sun newspaper, which also appeared online and was repeated again on the Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back show. In essence Lord Sugar appeared on a video and made these three claims which resulted in me […]

How to analyse R2R Deals!

How to analyse R2R Deals! Have you ever wanted to learn how to analyse R2R deals? Do you know what they are? But First… Do you need training? Yes! Thousand times yes! Samuel runs his own training company because he believes everyone needs the correct knowledge and the right tools to be able to execute […]

Coronavirus VS Rent-to-SA

Coronavirus vs Rent-to-SA Coronavirus vs Rent-to-SA. It is true that times are turbulent. But does this mean we should panic and sell our properties immediately? Is this a sinking ship? Is there no hope for the future!? These are all very valid questions and if you’re a property investor who has chosen serviced accommodation as […]

Can an 18 year old find success in property investment?

The answer depends on how much effort they put in and what knowledge they have access to. This applies to everybody, no matter how old you are. If you want success in property investment, you need to surround yourself with people who can add value to your journey. Network with people who can equip you […]