Why I’m Selling My Properties Now—Answering Your Questions!

Samuel Leeds

Why I’m Selling My Properties Now—Answering Your Questions As a property investor who has been giving you countless valuable advice regarding the field, I’ve been getting many questions regarding my personal investments. Today, I’m going to answer all of your questions! Listen, even though I’m answering a few personal questions today, but just because I’m […]

Should I go to a property auction?

Should I go to a property auction? Sunday Q&A is here. This is where you get to ask our property entrepreneur anything you want. If you have some questions, you can post them in the comments section below the video. In this episode, one of the key issues Samuel discusses is buying properties at auction. […]

Historic Bewdley mansion ‘in a far worse state than first thought!’

A RESTORATION project to turn a historic Bewdley mansion into luxury apartments will cost owners £2m – double the initial budget. Property developer Samuel Leeds, aged 28, says Ribbesford House, which he bought with his brother Russell at auction for £800,000 last year, is in a far worse state of repair than first anticipated. He […]

How to Buy UK Property from AUCTION

On this week’s mentoring Monday, Samuel explains the good and bad when it comes to buying from auction. Auctions allow people the chance to make purchases by offering bids.  The general thinking for buyers is that they will be able to get a bargain deal. Sellers believe that they can’t miss at an auction and […]