The BBC Changed Their Mind On Me!

The BBC Changed Their Mind On Me! The BBC never officially apologized for the Abi Jaiyeloa’s poorly researched documentary; however, they did retract some of their defamatory comments as they claimed that it had been “altered by a junior member staff.” In October 2020, the BBC Three Countries Radio did another investigation on me after […]

Have The BBC Changed Their Mind on Samuel Leeds?

bbc Samuel Leeds

The BBC Inside Out Yorkshire allowed Abi Jaiyeola to make a documentary about Samuel Leeds which included lots of negative suggestions and resulted in Samuel personally doing a response video on his YouTube channel. Samuel Leeds YouTube Rebuttal Previously The BBC had spoken positively about Samuel after taking interest in his development business and his […]

The BBC Banned My Response Video—Abi Jaiyeola Expose

bbc exposed

The BBC Banned My Response Video—Abi Jaiyeola Expose The BBC banned my video that I did as a response for the video they had made on me! That video had a lot of views, a lot of comments from you guys saying that the BBC are liars and that they have an agenda. I got […]

BBC’s Blatant Deceit!

Samuel Leeds bbc

BBC’s Blatant Deceit! Today, I have a message directly to the BBC because they are doing yet another documentary of which I don’t know if it’s going to be about me again but the thing is that they have exposed themselves probably by mistake. To be honest I am absolutely baffled by their recent actions […]

The BBC’s Hidden Agenda: Samuel Leeds

bbc exposed

BBC reports sparked wave of negative publicity but were they fair? I’ve recently been responding to various allegations which have been made about myself and Property Investors, both online and in the media. (See my previous videos and blogs). I have been asked several times since, however, to explain why I did not react to […]