Stop doing everything yourself – Business Systemisation

Samuel Leeds

If you grow in business, there are three things you need to do that I’ll be discussing in this article. The number one thing is of course to scrap jobs that do not need to be done. People do things in business that actually don’t need doing and so what I want you to do […]

Brexit impact on property

Brexit impact on property What’s the Brexit impact on property? So, Brexit happened. When it was first announced back in March 2017, there was so much fear and confusion cascading around the country. It caused people to stop buying properties. This lead to a drop in house prices and most of the UK took a […]

Millionaire’s House Tour 2019 | Where should we put our home studio?

Millionaire’s House Tour It’s the stuff dreams are made of! The plush house with the pleasant surroundings for your family to enjoy. Using #TheFreedomFormula you can achieve these things and through videos like this we hope to inspire you. Moving his family down to London to further his business, Samuel Leeds opens his doors and […]

Look at what they’ve been saying about us

Property Investment Crash Course Reviews We know how amazing our courses are but don’t just take our word for it. Watch this short clip and hear the opinions of people who attended! They say the journey of 1000 miles starts with a step. That first step, in this instance, is attending our free event. If […]

My Property Business Plan of 2019

The year 2019 promises to be equally successful as its predecessor was for Samuel. In his latest video he makes bold predictions for his property portfolio. All his plans and investments for 2019 are revealed. Last year Samuel invested in 26 properties when the initial target was 10. The usual method that Samuel has been […]

Financial Freedom CHALLENGE | Russell Leeds interviews Samuel Leeds #FFChallenge

This November Samuel Leeds is going to be undertaking a Financial Freedom Challenge. This will entail him starting all over again with NOTHING, to prove that with the correct knowledge and mind-set, ANYBODY can become financially free through property investing. Ahead of the upcoming challenge, which starts in a week, Russell Leeds sat down with […]

Financially Free in 6 WEEKS! | Samuel Leeds interviews Sheryl and Leah Miller

Samuel sat down with mother and daughter team, Sheryl and Leah Miller to find out how they have done 9 property deals in just 6 WEEKS! Their strategy has been Rent to Rent (R2R) and Serviced Accommodation (SA) and now they are making over £14,000 passive income every month, ultimately making them financially free! Sheryl […]

How To Invest £30,000 in Property | Samuel Leeds

Samuel always gets asked ‘Can I invest in UK property with just £30k?’   The answer to this is YES you can. There are many UK property investment opportunities available to you to buy rental property or properties in the UK today. Samuel has finally answered one of his most asked questions, read on to […]