What’s a better investment: Property or Cryptocurrency?

What’s a better investment Property or Cryptocurrency

A lot of people in the property space have been thinking about cryptocurrencies, so I thought it was about time to address the elephant in the room. I am an expert in property and teaching people how to become financially free via various property strategies; I am not a cryptocurrency expert. Luckily, I know a […]

Bitcoin is CRASHING! (my thoughts)

Samuel Leeds

Bitcoin is CRASHING! (my thoughts)…. Hey everyone! How are you all? I am your property guide, Samuel Leeds. Today, I am here to put my opinion about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and what’s happening in it. After making immense benefits in Bitcoin and other different coins, dealers of cryptocurrency are running into property investment in 2021. […]

Cryptocurrency Predictions/Tips – Samuel Leeds & Marcus de Maria

In the latest video, Samuel sits down with stock market educator and successful investor, Marcus de Maria to chat about the future of cryptocurrencies and his thoughts on property investing.   For over 10 years Marcus has been training people on how to successfully trade in the stock market and in this video Samuel picks […]

My Thoughts on BITCOIN and Crypto Currencies – Samuel Leeds

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds shares his thoughts on Crypto Currencies and why he, only recently, decided to invest in Bitcoin. The Property Investor and Entrepreneur explains how he made his decision after networking with people who were highly knowledgeable in crypto currencies and shares his advice for people who are considering the investment. […]