What are you reading? Try these books

It doesn’t matter what stage of success you’re at, you could be just starting out on your quest for freedom or you could be an experienced leader like Samuel Leeds, you’re always in a position to learn. In the modern world, the primary way we absorb information is via the internet but there’s an ancient […]


Most recently a lot of people have been asking about the regulations and the legalities when it comes to property and the various strategies. To answer the many many questions that continually pop up Samuel along with James Armstrong, Anthony Wilmott and Hannah Mills have come together and have decided to create a book. This […]

4 Tips to GUARENTEE Success!

So, we all want to be guaranteed success, right? And, we ASSUME good things come to those who wait, right? Well, in this week’s video, Samuel Leeds gives us the 4 most IMPORTANT tips to GUARENTEE (yes, guarantee!) SUCCESS. These are: LEARN (learn what it takes to become successful) BELIEVE (believe that you can become […]