Do I need a personal brand?

Do I need a personal brand? If you find yourself asking ‘Do I need a personal brand?’ you are thinking the right way. People underestimate the power of it. If you think the answer to the question ‘Do I need a personal brand?’ is yes, then you are one step ahead of most people. In […]

3 tips to make money

Tips to Make Money Samuel says there are three crucial things that you need to generate substantial revenue. So, if you are searching for tips to make money, then you are in the right place. A lot of people assume that you need a lot of capital to start with, in order to be a […]

The Power of Personal Brand in Property with David Walsh

We have special sit down this Friday Samuel sits down with YouTube supremo David Walsh. Together Samuel and David have created a highly successful YouTube channel that now has over 50,000 subscribers. It continues to grow at a rapid rate. How powerful is your personal brand? It’s important to build not only your company but […]