The best property network

The best property network Where can you find the best property network? You’re starting out on your property investment journey, or perhaps you’re already in the middle of it. It can be tough! How much easier would it be if you had a positive support network around you? When you search for property networking clubs […]

Key figures for BRRR deals

Key Figures for BRRR Deals What are the three key figures for BRRR deals? If you are wondering what numbers you need to look at, you should attend the Crash Course and speak to our experts. However, there are some basics you can pick up now from this video. Also in this episode of the […]

How to grow a business

How to grow a business Wondering how to grow a business? Well, let’s start with defining a business. Our resident property entrepreneur, who has over a decade of experience, believes a business is an enterprise which can function successfully without you. In other words, as the entrepreneur, you have to be replaceable. Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t […]

How to have more energy

How to have more energy If you’re wondering how to have more energy, you might be finding yourself stuck in a rut. It’s okay. You can get yourself out of it with a little help and some smart advice. People who want to know how to have more energy are really trying to discover how […]

Come and join Samuel Leeds at the 1000 Kings Christian Business Conference

Hey guys, I am super excited to share that I will be speaking on the 11-12th of January at the The Hilton Metropole, NEC Birmingham and would love to see you there! There are very limited FREE Tickets at this Life-Changing 2 Day Programme. 1000 Kings’ is our upcoming Christian Business Conference hosted by Training […]