What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds What’s going on these days? The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, we don’t know where we’re allowed, where we’re not allowed; what’s going to happen? I ask Dr. John Demartini his perspective of what’s going to happen next. Let’s see what he had to say […]

When To Become VAT Registered? – Samuel Leeds

When To Become VAT Registered? – Samuel Leeds In this blog, I’m going to talk about VAT—Value Added Tax—what it is, and if you need to be VAT registered. This was an emotional rollercoaster for me because growing up; I didn’t have many business-oriented people; I didn’t have access to expert advice. I was only […]

Are Entrepreneur’s Made or Born?

Rent2Rent Tax, Property Business Plans and Deal Packaging TIPS!

Rent2Rent Tax, Property Business Plans, Deal Packaging and MORE! This week Samuel shares a wealth of knowledge, by answering many enthusiastic and diverse questions. From tax queries for the Rent2Rent method, to business plans and how to package deals. This week is nothing but value and you’re invited to drink it all in with answer […]

Tips for work life balance

Tips for work life balance Dr. Ryan Rieder is a chiropractor and a property entrepreneur. He sat down with our property legend, Samuel Leeds to discuss tips for work life balance. If you are looking for tips for work life balance, it’s probable that you are feeling burned out. Maybe, you are overloading yourself and […]