How To Get Passive Income? The Four Streams Of Passive Income

Samuel Leeds

How To Get Passive Income? The Four Streams Of Passive Income  Hi, I’m Samuel Leeds! I’m a property investor; in fact, I’ve been into property investment for over a decade. Over the years, I’ve closed hundreds of deals, written books, taught many students on property. Here, I’m going to talk about passive income and the […]

What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds What’s going on these days? The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, we don’t know where we’re allowed, where we’re not allowed; what’s going to happen? I ask Dr. John Demartini his perspective of what’s going to happen next. Let’s see what he had to say […]

HOW TO WIN THE APPRENTICE: Interview with Joseph Valente

Samuel Leeds

HOW TO WIN THE APPRENTICE: Interview with Joseph Valente. In my recent interview with Joseph Valente a former winner of The apprentice show that aired in 2015 and an entrepreneur, we discussed a lot from matters to do with property management to how he was able to end up building successful companies despite the fact that he came from […]

How to grow a business

How to grow a business Wondering how to grow a business? Well, let’s start with defining a business. Our resident property entrepreneur, who has over a decade of experience, believes a business is an enterprise which can function successfully without you. In other words, as the entrepreneur, you have to be replaceable. Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t […]

Do I Need a Company to Start in Property? | Samuel Leeds

A major question people how is the importance of setting up a company when it comes to investing in property.  The tax benefits that come with starting a company and investing in property. Samuel believes in not waiting until you’ve invested in a few properties to start your own company you should do it right […]

The Eviction – Episode 4: Business Plans

Episode 4 of The Eviction is here. This time the remaining contestants focus on the execution of their business plans and how it will compliment their property deals. Who will be the winner? Watch the whole series to find out! #TheEviction

Commercial vs. Residential Property

  Samuel brings James Sinclair along for a ride on this latest sit down.  This discussion explores the pros and cons of both commercial and residential property.  Solving various conceptions of which is more profitable which has the biggest risks. The definition of commercial and residential property is quite simple, commercial focuses on office spaces, […]

Millionaire Mission | Samuel Leeds

At the age of 20, Essington property investor Samuel Leeds was kicked out of his church after being told he could serve God or money, but not both. He had bought his first house at below market value shortly before his 18th birthday. After refinancing the property up to its true value on the same […]