Why rent where you live?

Why rent where you live? On this week’s episode of Q&A Sunday, Samuel got proposed a common question – why rent where you live? It’s a frequently asked one because it’s become a fashionable thing to say among property people. The questioner asked why is it better to rent where you live if the cost […]

UK Property Investment – How To Invest In Property 2019

Investing in property in the UK is an amazing way to accumulate wealth and be on your way to being financially free. Samuel drops a view tips on why property is the best way to invest your money and the way to do it. If you’re just getting started in property investment the method that […]

But Samuel, what if the market crashes? Will it affect me?

Undoubtedly, the market will fluctuate, but it almost certainly will not crash because we live in a time where there is a shortage of houses and an overpopulation of people. What I mean by this folks is that even if house prices were to crash in an economic crisis- everybody has to rent!   Therefore, […]

Property Investors Podcast: Episode #3

Property Investors Podcast: Episode #3 In this weeks episode, Russell Leeds, CEO of Property Investors with Samuel Leeds Training Company and Alasdair Cunningham, director of Better Sourced Ltd discuss how with Brexit looming is now the right time to invest in property? The lads also discuss if it is possible to become Financially Free in […]

Should You Wait for BREXIT to invest in Property | Samuel Leeds

There is a big question on people’s minds regarding Brexit and whether they should invest in property or not? This blog will give you clarity on the Brexit situation and how it affects you as a property investor in the UK. Brexit – What’s going to happen? The truth is no one has a crystal […]

Financially Free in 6 WEEKS! | Samuel Leeds interviews Sheryl and Leah Miller

Samuel sat down with mother and daughter team, Sheryl and Leah Miller to find out how they have done 9 property deals in just 6 WEEKS! Their strategy has been Rent to Rent (R2R) and Serviced Accommodation (SA) and now they are making over £14,000 passive income every month, ultimately making them financially free! Sheryl […]