How to invest in property

How to invest in property Are you wondering how to invest in property? We talk a lot about people who have little or no money with which to start. What if you want to know how to invest in property when you’ve got some start-up capital? Well, if you do have money already, you need […]

Buying Properties With Cash

Buying Properties With Cash If you are wondering whether buying properties with cash is a good idea, you need to watch this video. Recently, Samuel has been working closely with high net-worth individuals and celebrities to help them diversify their portfolios. He was astounded by the number of them who wanted to invest by using […]

My Thoughts on BITCOIN and Crypto Currencies – Samuel Leeds

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds shares his thoughts on Crypto Currencies and why he, only recently, decided to invest in Bitcoin. The Property Investor and Entrepreneur explains how he made his decision after networking with people who were highly knowledgeable in crypto currencies and shares his advice for people who are considering the investment. […]