What is Co-Deal Sourcing?

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What is Co-Deal Sourcing? Hey Whats up my name is Samuel Leeds and in this blog I’m gonna be explaining Co deal sourcing. What is co-deal sourcing? You might have heard the term by and around.  Co deal sourcing is very simple firstly I need to define deal sourcing once I’ve defined deal sourcing I […]

Deal Sourcr – the new app set to revolutionise property investing!

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Deal Sourcr – the new app set to revolutionise property investing! Software engineer Ashley Rudland joined Samuel Leeds’ Property Investors Academy in April 2019. Within three months he had made his money back through deal sourcing and rent-to-rents. Then he topped that by developing an app and website which is set to revolutionise how property […]

The Top 7 Property Investing Strategies

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The Top 7 Property Investing Strategies Perhaps you’re just starting your investment journey and have no clue what strategy to start with. Or, you’ve been in this field for some time and want to hone in on your skills. No matter where you are in your investment journey, this blog identifies the top 7 investment […]

The Truth About Deal Sourcing—What It Is And Its Pros And Cons

In this blog, I will describe what Deal Sourcing is, how it differs from Property Flipping, along with the pros and cons of Deal Sourcing. So, let’s get to it! Deal Sourcing Deal Sourcing involves finding a good property, negotiating its price with the owner, and then passing the deal on to an investor that […]

Deal Sourcing Mastery

Deal Sourcing Mastery Are you the next deal sourcing mastermind?  If you’ve been looking at all the options and different strategies to try and fancy yourself the right person for the job of deal sourcing then you’re in luck. This video is perfect for newcomers to veterans. You will find fresh perspective and insights into […]

THE BEST WAY TO MAKE £100K IN 28 DAYS?! | Samuel Leeds

The best way to make £100k in 28 days.    Samuel Leeds makes a guest appearance on the youtube channel of Ed Smith, CEO of Champion Consultancy. They get right into it and Ed asks Samuel how he would go about making £100k in 28 days. Samuel has a love of challenges which he has […]