The Truth About Deal Sourcing—What It Is And Its Pros And Cons

In this blog, I will describe what Deal Sourcing is, how it differs from Property Flipping, along with the pros and cons of Deal Sourcing. So, let’s get to it! Deal Sourcing Deal Sourcing involves finding a good property, negotiating its price with the owner, and then passing the deal on to an investor that […]

Essential skills for a property investor

Essential skills for a property investor Let’s talk about some essential skills for a property investor to be successful. If you are ready to take your property business seriously, and make serious money, you need these skills. The best way to keep yourself on top of your game is via self-development. It’s important that you […]

How to do New Year’s Resolutions

How to do New Year’s Resolutions If you’re wondering how to do New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably sick of not sticking to your goals. It’s normal, don’t worry. Most people have big, lofty ambitions at the start of a new year and trick themselves. It’s an illusion because actions speak far louder than words. Simply […]


Most recently a lot of people have been asking about the regulations and the legalities when it comes to property and the various strategies. To answer the many many questions that continually pop up Samuel along with James Armstrong, Anthony Wilmott and Hannah Mills have come together and have decided to create a book. This […]

Struggling to find property deals? Watch THIS!

Samuel has NEVER understood it when people say ‘I can’t find ANY property deals’… This week, Samuel shares with you an AMAZING trick that you may never have considered before, which will GUARANTEE property deals being found!

TOO MANY property deals!

Do you ever find yourself in a position where you just have TOO MANY property deals coming your way? Are you unsure what to do with them? Renown property investor Samuel Leeds explains what you can do with those great deals instead of letting them go! So, if you have too many deals to choose […]