Interest Only vs Repayment Buy-to-Let Mortgages

When dealing with finances the word ‘Debt’ can always cause panic amongst people. Today Samuel will discuss how good debt, not bad debt can be utilized into your favour. Financing property deals without your own money will give you two methods of repayments. That’s either interest-only payments or buy-to-let mortgage repayments. Which is the better […]

This house is a WRECK! – BRRR Project | Saj Hussain

As our TV Tuesday series continues this week we document Saj Hussain. Saj is a property Investor and business entrepreneur. He is a master of utilizing the BRRR strategy while using other peoples finances. In this project, he will be using Samuel’s money.

From Hard Times to Property Success | Winners on a Wednesday #26

This week’s winners on a Wednesday features the couple Ben Deighton and Abi Pattison. The property journey started after a dark time for the couple as Abi was dealing with depression and severe anxiety. She wasn’t able to work for 9 months. Ben who had some minor experience in property decided that he wanted to […]

Why Are We Slumping?

House prices have recently hit a rough patch with the latest studies suggesting that we are experiencing the lowest price growth in six years. The latest figures from Halifax are showing that yearly growth has dropped 1.5% in October to 0.3% in November this being the lowest figure since 2012. The numbers continue to make […]