Winner of The Eviction living in the lap of luxury !

samuel leeds

Winner of The Eviction living in the lap of luxury! Joint winner of The Eviction 2020, Evans Willie, is living the high life after Property Investors’ founder Samuel Leeds helped him become financially free in just a week. Evans moved from his girlfriend’s parents’ house, where he shared a single bed in a tiny room, […]

How to be more productive

How to be more productive In this video, you’ll learn a lot of things including how to be more productive. Are you a procrastinator? It’s a nonsense label really, all of us like to escape work from time to time. Whether it’s property, business, marriage, love or health – there are ways to improve your […]

Advice for a property investor

Advice for a property investor In this clip, Samuel sits down with team player Ben Mak. Together they rattle through the best advice for a property investor. Actually, the gems in this video can be applied to anybody, in any business. If you are looking for advice for a property investor, you are in the […]

The 5 Most Common MISTAKES Property Investors Make

 On this week’s mentoring on a Monday Samuel’s explains the five common mistakes property investors make.   They are: Making properties investments based on feelings. Buying properties too close to home. The lack of due diligence in areas that they are not familiar with. Property investors not sourcing the workload and doing everything themselves The lack […]