I’m NOT Doing Another Financial Freedom Challenge

Samuel Leeds

I’m NOT Doing Another Financial Freedom Challenge I surprised my wife Amanda on our 5th year anniversary with a trip to Paris, Belgium and France where we had a great time. She initially thought that we’d be going to Ireland for my spontaneous financial freedom challenge for like a week to find deals on houses. […]

The BBC’s Hidden Agenda: Samuel Leeds

bbc exposed

BBC reports sparked wave of negative publicity but were they fair? I’ve recently been responding to various allegations which have been made about myself and Property Investors, both online and in the media. (See my previous videos and blogs). I have been asked several times since, however, to explain why I did not react to […]


THIS IS NOT A DRILL!  Honestly, This is not a drill you can pick my next challenge! All you need to do is click on the link to this video and type your desired challenge in the comments! Over the years you’ve seen me go undercover, you’ve seen me become financially free and help others […]

Can anyone be a property investor?

Can anyone be a property investor? Can anyone be a property investor? The answer is yes, of course. Some of our more eagle-eyed viewers will remember the chap in the thumbnail. Check out the #MyFFChallenge – you’ll see the full story of what happened when Samuel met Glen. Samuel took on the challenge of converting a […]

A no money down deal in London?

No Money Down Deal in London Samuel set out on a challenge to do a no money down deal in London. Do you think it’s possible to do a no money down deal in London? If anyone can achieve it, it’s our resident property pioneer. The video is finally here! Take some time out now […]

No money down deal in London?

Can you do a no money down deal in London? At our crash courses and in our academy, you learn all about how to invest in property and make money without using your own funds. We try to educate people about this with our YouTube videos and social media content too. There are several strategies […]

How to help the homeless

Do you know how to help the homeless? When somebody asks you how to help the homeless – what springs to mind? Often, people offer up the same responses. We’re all familiar with the old phrase: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you […]

How to achieve Financial Freedom in 7 days

You may have seen the video on YouTube with its 1.5 million views, you could have heard about it from the BBC who talked about it or perhaps you’ve been paying attention to Samuel’s social media lately. What are we talking about? It’s the 7-day financial freedom challenge! Is it possible to achieve financial freedom […]

Finishing a HMO in 24 hours – Life as a property investor.

How to finish a HMO in 24 hours. Paul Tiller is a Property Investors Academy Member investing into property. In today’s video Paul and his wife Sara give us a whistle stop tour on how to finish a HMO (House of multiple occupancy) and make it live in just twenty four hours. In today’s video […]