How did Debs Davis get to the next level of success?

Since receiving training, Debs Davis has gone on to achieve tremendous things in property. Nothing makes Samuel prouder than seeing somebody excel their levels of success through his teachings. Debs was already financially free when they first met but she didn’t want to stop there, she saw bigger, brighter opportunities on the horizon and decided […]


FINALLY It’s here the Samuel Leeds financial freedom challenge. The documentary is now available for your viewing pleasure so sit back, relax and tune in. As the pressure intensifies can Samuel deliver on his mission of trying to be financial free?  Again.

How to Invest in UK Property from Overseas

  On this week’s video Samuel takes a very special call from Chris and Poppy. A couple that has been living in Australia for the past six years. As there time overseas is coming to an end and they begin to plan for life back in the UK.  They want to set up a property […]

Financially Free in 4 WEEKS | Winners on a Wednesday #13

  Meet Ann Mather the latest winner on a Wednesday after just 4 weeks is proud to announce that she is now financially free.  Ann has a unique story a full-time nurse from Newcastle and after learning that her husband’s pension wasn’t going to be sufficient enough for them to live on she decided to […]

From Crash Course to PROPERTY EMPIRE | Winners on a Wednesday #12

Brett Jackson from Barnsley is a true success story and demonstrates how hard work with the correct property knowledge can definitely pay off.  Just like most attendees, Brett Jackson started educating himself with Samuel Leeds YouTube channel, engaging with the social media pages, reading ‘Buy Low Rent High’ and making the final step by attending […]