Your questions answered by Samuel Leeds

It’s Sunday, property people! You know what that means? There’s a chance for your questions to get answered by our legend, Samuel Leeds. If you have something on your mind, a problem that’s puzzling you, a conundrum you can’t wrap your cranium around – pop it in the section below the video on YouTube. Next […]

Millionaire’s House Tour 2019 | Where should we put our home studio?

Millionaire’s House Tour It’s the stuff dreams are made of! The plush house with the pleasant surroundings for your family to enjoy. Using #TheFreedomFormula you can achieve these things and through videos like this we hope to inspire you. Moving his family down to London to further his business, Samuel Leeds opens his doors and […]

Look at what they’ve been saying about us

Property Investment Crash Course Reviews We know how amazing our courses are but don’t just take our word for it. Watch this short clip and hear the opinions of people who attended! They say the journey of 1000 miles starts with a step. That first step, in this instance, is attending our free event. If […]

Grant Cardone’s Advice to Samuel Leeds

Grant Cardone takes the time to sit down with Samuel and his brother to discuss all things business. While out in Miami for the Grant Cardone 10x event Samuel and Russell wonder what steps they can take to 10x their business and accelerate its already rapid growth and success. Having been involved in deals and […]

How to Become a Property MILLIONAIRE by Grant Cardone & Samuel Leeds

Grant Cardone is an expert. His ability to capture everlasting moments during sales is something many people are not able to capture. How is he able to do this? Why does he feel real estate isn’t just short term investment but an investment for life? How to become a property millionaire. This is something that […]