Securing rent to rent deals

If you are interested in securing rent to rent deals, you might be wondering what a phone call with a landlord sounds like. Securing rent to rent deals over the phone is easy when you know what you are doing. Samuel was on-stage at the Crash Course when somebody asked him how to secure a […]

Below Market Value Property UK | How to Find BMV Deals

This Monday’s video Samuel explores the BMV property strategy.  In order to successfully negotiate to BMV’s, you should never be a motivated buyer when you are overly motivated to makes purchases you can easily make mistake or overpay for a property which can be a disaster long term. Always try to be calm, cool and […]

Struggling to find property deals? Watch THIS!

Samuel has NEVER understood it when people say ‘I can’t find ANY property deals’… This week, Samuel shares with you an AMAZING trick that you may never have considered before, which will GUARANTEE property deals being found!