5 Crucial things to look for in HMOs—Strategy Explained!


5 Crucial things to look for in HMOs—Strategy Explained! What is an HMO property, and should you buy one? An HMO is a house in multiple occupancies. It’s when you rent out a property room by room instead of just renting it out to a family. I want to talk about HMOs in this blog […]

Books for Property Investors

Books for property investors Are you looking for books for property investors? We recommend ‘Buy Low, Rent High’ and ‘Financial Freedom in 7 days’ which are both by Samuel Leeds. A third suggestion is ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. These three will hold you in good stead.  They will also give you a […]

Property vs Career

Property vs Career If you are trying match up property vs career, you’re probably in a 9-5 which you have acquired through hard work. Does having a property business mean you have to give that up? Of course not. Take a look at Stella, she’s a prime example of someone who was growing frustrated with […]

Should I go to a property auction?

Should I go to a property auction? Sunday Q&A is here. This is where you get to ask our property entrepreneur anything you want. If you have some questions, you can post them in the comments section below the video. In this episode, one of the key issues Samuel discusses is buying properties at auction. […]

Top tips for HMOs in the UK

HMOs in the UK In this video, Samuel is going to be revealing the kind of information which he really shouldn’t. It’s personal and it’s business. All of his mentors tell him to keep things private but he refuses because he wants transparency. He wants to be open and honest with you guys. He starts […]

How to manage HMO situations

How to manage HMO properties If you’re wondering how to manage HMO deals, it’s likely that you’re just starting out and have found a potential opportunity. You could be thinking about what the next steps might be. Samuel Leeds advises that you don’t really need to know how to manage HMO properties. You just need […]

How to make money with HMO’s

What is a HMO? A HMO is a house of multiple occupancy. It’s a property in which 3 or more people live and usually, this happens by having three separate tenancy agreements. Learn more about HMO’s and how to run a house of multiple occupancy successfully by watching the video.    What’s good about HMO’s? […]

The Ugly Side To HMO’s

Samuel travelled to Doncaster to visit Tony’s  HMO property as he has been struggling to let out the fifth room on the top floor, as well as been stung by an expensive utility bill. The house was extremely well kept and clean, however, there were two tenants who were having people stay over in the […]