What are the FEES for a LEASE OPTION AGREEMENT?! | Property Q&A with Samuel Leeds

Welcome to episode #15 of Q&A Sunday with Samuel Leeds. On today’s episode the Property Entrepreneur gives advice on LOA (Lease option agreements). He talks freehold vs leasehold, and is brutally honest about a military mans property investing plan, giving advice on how to speed up the process. Samuel explains how to keep your ROI […]

Should I Buy Property Through a LTD Company? | Property Investors Podcast #43

Another frequent question that is asked amongst property investors and comes up regularly at The Property Investors Crash Course is whether it is best to buy property in one’s own name or to buy using a limited company. On today’s episode #43 Russell Leeds and Alasdair Cunningham share their knowledge of the subject. The discussion […]

The Eviction – Episode 4: Business Plans

Episode 4 of The Eviction is here. This time the remaining contestants focus on the execution of their business plans and how it will compliment their property deals. Who will be the winner? Watch the whole series to find out! #TheEviction

Help To Buy?

The help to initiative has been in operation since 2013. As the government continues to make changes and improvements is time up for the initiative? Initially, the scheme was created to help first-time buyers make their first step onto the property ladder.  The simple idea of the scheme enables first time buyers to contribute only […]