How Will The RECESSION Affect Property Investors

Samuel Leeds

How Will The RECESSION Affect Property Investor Yesterday, it was officially announced that we are in a recession for the first time in 11 years. How do I feel about that and how should you feel about it? Well, the first thing I want to say is that it’s not a big deal. I put […]

Coronavirus Property Market

Coronavirus Property Market If you are searching ‘Coronavirus Property Market’, you might be a little worried about the impact of the coronavirus on the property market. On behalf of the entire team here, we want to advise you to look for official instructions from the government and health organisations. Don’t take advice from folks on […]

Brexit impact on property

Brexit impact on property What’s the Brexit impact on property? So, Brexit happened. When it was first announced back in March 2017, there was so much fear and confusion cascading around the country. It caused people to stop buying properties. This lead to a drop in house prices and most of the UK took a […]

Why Are We Slumping?

House prices have recently hit a rough patch with the latest studies suggesting that we are experiencing the lowest price growth in six years. The latest figures from Halifax are showing that yearly growth has dropped 1.5% in October to 0.3% in November this being the lowest figure since 2012. The numbers continue to make […]