Samuel Leeds hits back at Joe Lycett claims

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  The ‘Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back’ programme screened on Channel 4 made several allegations about Samuel Leeds and Property Investors. Samuel says the show was supposed to be funny and in parts was ‘so wrong it was hilarious.’ Here he explains why people should consider his side of the story before rushing to judgement. […]

Making a six-figure salary!

Making a six-figure salary: Through Property Development. Making a six-figure salary, how!? With millions of pounds worth of deals in the pipeline, these two business partners have taken the world by storm. From buying land and building houses to renovating a castle. They’ve both been through the trenches when it comes to property development. But […]

How to be a successful introvert

How to be a successful introvert Are you wondering ‘How to be a successful introvert’? If you are then you don’t need to panic. The world of entrepreneurial success isn’t exclusively for loud, flamboyant extroverts. Far from it. The people you primarily see and hear from may fit that category but that’s only because they […]

Successful in property

Successful in property Are you wondering how to become successful in property? If you want to become successful in property, you firstly need to understand what the challenges and opportunities are. There are several strategies and tactics which you can use to propel yourself up the property investment ladder. You journey should begin at the […]

How to get rich in 2020

How to get rich in 2020 It’s going to come down to mindset and action. There’s no other way around the question ‘How to get rich in 2020’. If you truly want to know ‘How to get rich in 2020’, start by watching this video. Samuel sat down with millionaire entrepreneur, Arnon Barnes. They discussed […]

How to have more energy

How to have more energy If you’re wondering how to have more energy, you might be finding yourself stuck in a rut. It’s okay. You can get yourself out of it with a little help and some smart advice. People who want to know how to have more energy are really trying to discover how […]

Who is Arnon Barnes?

Who is Arnon Barnes? If you are wondering who is Arnon Barnes, you may have heard of him through his speaking work. The answer to the question ‘Who is Arnon Barnes?’ doesn’t provoke a simple answer because he’s such a multi-faceted gentleman. He’s a businessman who has built and sold companies successfully for many years. […]

Tips for work life balance

Tips for work life balance Dr. Ryan Rieder is a chiropractor and a property entrepreneur. He sat down with our property legend, Samuel Leeds to discuss tips for work life balance. If you are looking for tips for work life balance, it’s probable that you are feeling burned out. Maybe, you are overloading yourself and […]