Is serviced accommodation saturated?

Is serviced accommodation saturated? If you’re asking, ‘Is serviced accommodation saturated?’ it’s probably because you are noticing lots of people doing it. Perhaps you’ve been to our events and met many people who are giving SA a go. Well, the answer to that question depends on the area you are focusing on. In this video, […]

Serviced accommodation deals

Are you wondering how to find serviced accommodation deals? Meet Piers! He runs something called a Bespoke Investor Club where he shows people the ropes of SA and deal sourcing. Think about all the challenges, setbacks and so forth – he covers those. Piers is a successful student of Samuel, having attended the Crash Course […]

How to do rent to serviced accommodation deals

Meet Ricci Mandal, his story will inspire you. You’ll find out exactly how he went from a struggling DJ with no qualifications to financial freedom. He did it by figuring out how to earn money from rent to serviced accommodation deals. Rent to serviced accommodation deals are a creative way to make money through property. […]

How did this couple go from frightened to financially FREE in months?

Becci and Jon are financially free thanks to property investment! That is a statement that Samuel Leeds will never get tired of repeating, it just sounds amazing – now imagine your name in that sentence. It can happen. Becci and Jon went to our crash course in June 2019 in Birmingham, soon after, they enrolled in the […]

How has this couple crushed the Welsh property market?

Let us introduce you to Mr and Mrs Hutchby, two people who came together and started to build an empire through smart property deals. We love celebrating people who learn from our experts and turn the advice into action – hopefully it inspires you (yes YOU!) to get up, get out and get into the […]

What went down at The Deal Finding Extravaganza!

What an AMAZING time we all had at the November Deal Finding Extravaganza which was held at the Grand Station in Wolverhampton with a turn out of 168 people! The three days were jam packed with an abundance of knowledge and creative strategies that I gave away for free! I discussed highly coveted secret tips […]

Incredible Serviced Accommodation Property | Samuel Leeds

Serviced Accommodation (SA) is an incredible property strategy that can generate MASSIVE returns on investment if done correctly. Samuel recently documented a trip he had when he visited one of the properties he rents out as serviced accommodation. The beautiful cottage based in Woodstock in Oxfordshire is in a lovely street a stone throw away […]