How I Built 6 Houses From Scratch

Samuel Leeds

How I Built 6 Houses From Scratc I went to visit my latest property development site and in this article, I’ll be giving you a breakdown on how I built the six houses from scratch. As you may remember, I did an article last year stating that I’ve just bought a piece of land which […]


Samuel Leeds

MY £6.35 MILLION POUND CASTLE I’m a property investor as I’ve been investing in properties for the past 12 years now. I’m visiting the most amazing building I’ve ever seen and as it happens, I own the building which is my castle ribs ford house. A lot of people are really interested in this building […]

Is Property Development the Way to Go?

Samuel Leeds

Is Property Development the Way to Go? Property development is something that I’m spending most of my energy on right now since Boris Johnson the prime minister told people to build permitted development. The venture is very profitable right now and I think as a property investor what you need to do is to see […]

Making a six-figure salary!

Making a six-figure salary: Through Property Development. Making a six-figure salary, how!? With millions of pounds worth of deals in the pipeline, these two business partners have taken the world by storm. From buying land and building houses to renovating a castle. They’ve both been through the trenches when it comes to property development. But […]