How to start a property business

Do you know how to start a property business? Find out how to start a property business with low capital. Lauren and Kayleigh grew up together and always wanted to go into business as a partnership. The duo decided to start a property business with little money by flipping houses. The pair were very traditional […]

How to achieve Financial Freedom in 7 days

You may have seen the video on YouTube with its 1.5 million views, you could have heard about it from the BBC who talked about it or perhaps you’ve been paying attention to Samuel’s social media lately. What are we talking about? It’s the 7-day financial freedom challenge! Is it possible to achieve financial freedom […]

How To Start in Property as a STUDENT | Samuel Leeds Coaching

Recently I gave 21 year old student Tom, from Burnley, a call to shed some light on how he can easily get on the property ladder with a small capital of £8,000. Tom knew he wanted to invest his savings and build a property portfolio, but was unsure on the topics of House In Multiple […]