DO NOT Make These Mistakes in Property Investing

The biggest story on this week’s podcast. Local councils struggle to monitor the HMO licensing market. Alasdair explains how due to budget cuts, councils are 12 months delayed in shutting down landlords or are operating without an HMO license. The main reason for this is due to the number of budget cuts. Councils are understaffed […]

The 5 Most Common MISTAKES Property Investors Make

 On this week’s mentoring on a Monday Samuel’s explains the five common mistakes property investors make.   They are: Making properties investments based on feelings. Buying properties too close to home. The lack of due diligence in areas that they are not familiar with. Property investors not sourcing the workload and doing everything themselves The lack […]

Commercial vs. Residential Property

  Samuel brings James Sinclair along for a ride on this latest sit down.  This discussion explores the pros and cons of both commercial and residential property.  Solving various conceptions of which is more profitable which has the biggest risks. The definition of commercial and residential property is quite simple, commercial focuses on office spaces, […]

London’s HMO Woes.

London’s local authorities have been working tirelessly over the past year and a half in order to clean up the number of unlicensed HMO’s within the capital.  A huge number of unlicensed properties have been appearing more frequently leaving local authorities unable to identify the specific amount or where they are located.  This issue is […]