What are the FEES for a LEASE OPTION AGREEMENT?! | Property Q&A with Samuel Leeds

Welcome to episode #15 of Q&A Sunday with Samuel Leeds. On today’s episode the Property Entrepreneur gives advice on LOA (Lease option agreements). He talks freehold vs leasehold, and is brutally honest about a military mans property investing plan, giving advice on how to speed up the process. Samuel explains how to keep your ROI […]


Most recently a lot of people have been asking about the regulations and the legalities when it comes to property and the various strategies. To answer the many many questions that continually pop up Samuel along with James Armstrong, Anthony Wilmott and Hannah Mills have come together and have decided to create a book. This […]

10 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self – Millionaire Advice

In today’s mentoring Monday Samuel takes time to reflect on how far he has come with the property industry. During this process, he also takes the time thing of the 10 things he would tell the younger version of himself if he had the chance too. Below are the 10 things Samuel would advise his […]

How To Buy Your Dream House For Free?

Everyone wants to have live in the house of their dreams. Better yet could this be possible by using none of your own money? In today’s mentoring Monday Samuel will give his loyal viewers the break down how it’s possible to get the home of your dreams. Doing this using one his favourite strategies a […]

Samuel Leeds Tells Kids to “Quit School”

Today’s mentoring Monday Samuel takes a walk on beautiful summer’s day. Here he runs through all the benefit that property as afforded him thus far since buying his very property at the age of 17. As Samuel explains the everlasting value of property will also suffice. What we do know is that process go up […]