Lee ‘homed’ in on Samuel Leeds for the best deal of his life!

Samuel Leeds

Lee ‘homed’ in on Samuel Leeds for the best deal of his life! Experienced property investor Lee Lawrence became financially free from his first house share which he bought through Samuel Leeds’ sourcing company. Lee was also one of the first people to attend the Property Investors Crash Course when it became free in January […]

People Laugh At My Dad’s Business Advice

Samuel Leeds

People Laugh At My Dad’s Business Advice I remember walking around the piece of land, and I remember seeing it even when it wasn’t there, and then we built a plan and worked with the builders and finally got the house! There is an adage that goes, “seeing is believing,” and I’ve heard it from […]

What to do with savings

What to do with savings If you’re wondering what to do with savings, congratulations! You probably had to sacrifice things to make it happen – your work ethic deserves plaudits. Below we’re going to talk a little bit about what to do with savings. Have you got some questions for Samuel? Jot them down in the […]

Interest Only vs Repayment Buy-to-Let Mortgages

When dealing with finances the word ‘Debt’ can always cause panic amongst people. Today Samuel will discuss how good debt, not bad debt can be utilized into your favour. Financing property deals without your own money will give you two methods of repayments. That’s either interest-only payments or buy-to-let mortgage repayments. Which is the better […]

UK Property Investment – How To Invest In Property 2019

Investing in property in the UK is an amazing way to accumulate wealth and be on your way to being financially free. Samuel drops a view tips on why property is the best way to invest your money and the way to do it. If you’re just getting started in property investment the method that […]

Why Are We Slumping?

House prices have recently hit a rough patch with the latest studies suggesting that we are experiencing the lowest price growth in six years. The latest figures from Halifax are showing that yearly growth has dropped 1.5% in October to 0.3% in November this being the lowest figure since 2012. The numbers continue to make […]

But Samuel, what if the market crashes? Will it affect me?

Undoubtedly, the market will fluctuate, but it almost certainly will not crash because we live in a time where there is a shortage of houses and an overpopulation of people. What I mean by this folks is that even if house prices were to crash in an economic crisis- everybody has to rent!   Therefore, […]

How to BUY AND REFINANCE a Property in 2018 | Samuel Leeds & Kevin Wright

To spend two days with me at the Property Investors Crash Course, claim your FREE ticket at: http://www.property-investors.co.uk Check out Kevin’s website here: https://www.positivepropertyfinance.c… In today’s video, I sit down with property investor and mortgage broker, Kevin Wright. He discusses the BEST ways to recycle your cash through property! Let me know your thoughts on […]