Should I quit my job for property?

Should I quit my job for property? Are you asking, ‘Should I quit my job for property?’ It’s an interesting question. This conundrum is one that floats around the heads of most our students. Especially after attending our Crash Course, as that’s when the reality of the dream comes through. By attending, you’ll start to […]

Balancing property with a job

Balancing property with a job We often hear about people in nightmare careers which they’re desperate to escape. What about balancing property with a job you actually love? Meet Samuel (another one!) and Sophie, they are a couple who are financially free thanks to Samuel Leeds. They are earning over £2000 per month and started […]

Quit Work To Do Property Instead? | Samuel Leeds

A popular question that many people have is should they quit there and go full time in property. Samuel gives his view and believes that if you are unsure the answer should be NO! It’s very easy to within property while doing it full time. How? Using your time more effectively while working your current […]