Quick motivation tips

Quick motivation tips Looking for quick motivation tips? First, we need you to close your eyes. Now, imagine your life if you had 12 more days than anyone else per month. Picture that. You’ve got an additional 144 days in the year compared to everybody else – wouldn’t that be such a great competitive advantage? […]

What does self-made mean?

What does self-made mean? It’s a term which gets thrown around a lot so you could be wondering ‘What does self-made mean?’ Well, in reality, no successful person in the world is self-made. That’s simply because they all, including Samuel, needed help, support and training at some point along the way. That’s the beauty of […]

Monday motivation

Monday Motivation Are you ready for some Monday motivation? If you have a job, you might be wondering how to have Monday motivation. It’s a common theme. Let’s start with a reflection exercise. Ask yourself whether you have an employee mindset or an entrepreneurial mindset. Having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t mean you can’t have a […]

What’s your why?

Happy Tuesday! Why do you want to get into property investment? Think again. Think deeper. What makes you want to transform your lifestyle? What’s your driving force? It’s important to ask yourself these questions and make sure the things you do everyday are aligned with the answers. You need to ensure you’re on the same […]