Rent to rent deals

Rent to rent deals Are you wondering how to do rent to rent deals? There are several components which make up a successful rent to rent business. It’s not complicated but there are nuances and details which need to be ironed out before you’re likely to earn substantial amounts. You’re reading this because you are […]

Securing rent to rent deals

If you are interested in securing rent to rent deals, you might be wondering what a phone call with a landlord sounds like. Securing rent to rent deals over the phone is easy when you know what you are doing. Samuel was on-stage at the Crash Course when somebody asked him how to secure a […]

How to find tenants and more

Finding Tenants It’s Q&A Sunday! That means your questions get answered by our resident property icon, Samuel Leeds. In this episode, one of the things that Samuel discusses is how to find tenants. If you are wondering how to find tenants, it’s possible that you have a problematic property – there’s something about the situation […]

Property Vision of Nurse Abi!

Abi Pattison has battled a brain tumour since she was a child, which affected her physical and mental health. Grace Hammond reports. A York woman who has battled a brain tumour since childhood decided to quit her career as a nurse and took up property development.  Twenty-seven-year-old Abi Pattison, who grew up in Leeds, was […]

Is The Retail Property Crash Real?

Over the past year, the noise has become louder and louder.  Is it just media hype or social media driven, the high street retail industry continues to fall but has that also affected the retail property market?  Landlords have increasingly become more and more concerned with what value property has in the retail sector. The […]

How the Autumn Budget will affect Property Investors!

Philip Hammond’s final autumn budget before Brexit has been announced, so what does it mean to most landlords in the UK?   With many things staying the same or not significantly changing such as Entrepreneurs Relief and the Vat Threshold let’s have a look at some of the key points that could affect most everyday […]

How To Do 40 Property Deals in 12 Months

How to do 40 property deals in 12 months – Samuel Leeds interviews Paul and Ann Waters   Have you ever wondered what your life could be like if you made the decision to invest in yourself and get educated in property and actually getting deals that result in you being financially free?   Your […]

Samuel Leeds’ guide to a GOOD HMO property

In this week’s video, we see Samuel Leeds meet Mark, a first-time investor, to visit his new HMO property located in Sheffield. It sees them discuss the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to investing in HMO’s and the ultimate guide on why it is so important that you NEED to buy […]

New HMO Rules & Regulations – GOOD or BAD?

In this week’s video, Property Investor Samuel Leeds is joined by Chris Harrington and Russell Leeds. They discuss the all-important new HMO rules and regulations. The colleagues express their perspectives of the changes, and whether they believe they will have a GOOD or BAD impact for professionals working in property, whether it be for construction […]