I Want To Be A Millionaire By 26! What’s The Plan?

Samuel Leeds

I Want To Be A Millionaire By 26! What’s The Plan? Hey everyone! I’m Samuel Leeds, and today, I’m going to answer some of your questions about property investing. If there is something that is stopping you from becoming financially free, ask me on my YouTube channel! I’ll do my best to answer them next […]

Why Do I Rent My House? Samuel Leeds Q&A Sunday

Samuel Leeds

Why Do I Rent My House? Samuel Leeds Q&A Sunday Hello, my name’s Samuel Leeds. On every Sunday, I answer your questions regarding property investing. If you have a question, head over to my YouTube and comment there. I will try my best to answer it next Sunday. Let’s begin!   Q: I’m purchasing a […]

Lease Option Agreement tips

Lease Option Agreement Tips Looking for Lease Option Agreement tips? In this video, you’ll get an exclusive insight from one of our events. Samuel is taking some great questions from the audience regarding lease option agreements. This is a great opportunity to grab your notepad and write down the answers to these frequently asked questions […]

Tips for Lease Option Agreements

Tips for Lease Option Agreements Are you looking for tips for lease option agreements? Welcome to another episode of Q&A Sunday! There are so many things you can do to take your property investment game to the next level. Tuning in to these weekly videos is one of them. That’s because you will learn a […]

Property Investment in Scotland

Property Investment in Scotland Are you interested in property investment in Scotland? You might live there or just be thinking about what opportunities exist in that region. The first thing you should know is that the rules are generally slightly different and very different in some parts of the country. In this edition of Sunday […]

Lease options explained

Lease Options Explained Going to the Baker Street property event? Well, Samuel was there recently and he spoke about one of the many ways you can generate serious profit in property. His speech about lease options explained the way it works, how to approach it and why it’s lucrative. If you’re searching for ‘lease options […]

Where to get a property mentor

Get a Property Mentor It’s Q&A Sunday again which means your questions are getting answered! If you want to get a property mentor then you are in the right place. Samuel Leeds is our property pioneer and you can ask him anything! Don’t worry about searching ‘how to get a property mentor’, you’ve got one […]

No Money Down Property Deal in London

Finding a no money down property deal in London Can you do a no money down property deal in London? All of Samuel’s property deals have been outside the capital but he’s accepted the challenge to find a no money down property deal in London. Everybody says it’s so tough and property is in a […]

Viewing Properties LIVE in Hull

Samuel is out on the road with one of his successful students Alasdair Cunningham. A year removed from attending the crash course is doing amazing things and continues to add to his burgeoning property portfolio. The trip to hull has Samuel viewing Alasdair’s latest addition. A 4 bedroom HMO that is currently undergoing quite the […]