Samuel Leeds’ guide to a GOOD HMO property

In this week’s video, we see Samuel Leeds meet Mark, a first-time investor, to visit his new HMO property located in Sheffield. It sees them discuss the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to investing in HMO’s and the ultimate guide on why it is so important that you NEED to buy […]

Raising finance for the CASTLE!

In this week’s video, Samuel reveals what happened when he spoke to the owner of Ribbesford House. This was to put in an offer to extend their payment deadline. Technicalities meant raising the funds to complete in time was looking impossible! The previous video ( saw Samuel worried that the deal could fall through. He […]

I Could LOSE My Castle!

Samuel expresses his worries and concerns about the completion of the beautifully historical, castle investment in Bewdley. Due to a range of technicalities, loan complications and unfortunate events, it is clear to see the doubts and uncertainty in the air, with a possibility the investors may not be able to complete. This day could infact […]

New HMO Rules & Regulations – GOOD or BAD?

In this week’s video, Property Investor Samuel Leeds is joined by Chris Harrington and Russell Leeds. They discuss the all-important new HMO rules and regulations. The colleagues express their perspectives of the changes, and whether they believe they will have a GOOD or BAD impact for professionals working in property, whether it be for construction […]