What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds What’s going on these days? The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, we don’t know where we’re allowed, where we’re not allowed; what’s going to happen? I ask Dr. John Demartini his perspective of what’s going to happen next. Let’s see what he had to say […]

How can I get fit?

How can I get fit? Are you wondering how can I get fit? Treat your body like your business. Think about the way in which you cultivate yourself as an entrepreneur. What kind of environment do you prefer to work in? It’s not one where everybody is down, negative and frightened. You want to be […]

What does self-made mean?

What does self-made mean? It’s a term which gets thrown around a lot so you could be wondering ‘What does self-made mean?’ Well, in reality, no successful person in the world is self-made. That’s simply because they all, including Samuel, needed help, support and training at some point along the way. That’s the beauty of […]

6 pack in 12 months?

How to get a 6 pack in 12 months You might be wondering why we’re talking about getting a 6 pack in 12 months. This isn’t a health and fitness website, is it? Well, in a way, everything is related to health. When you’re trying to run a successful property business, in part you’re doing […]