Newbies Finding Deals #2 | Property Investors Crash Course with Samuel Leeds

During the property investors crash, course Samuel shares his valuable knowledge. Following the steps and teachings he sets out will help you achieve your property inspired goals. The Return on Investment (ROI) Challenge is a great way that Samuel interacts with the crowd and a great test for the attendees. See what happened when the […]

The Eviction – Episode 5: Finale TRAILER

The Eviction is down to the final two contestants Hannah and Anthony with £20,000 on the line who will come out on top. The five weeks have seen the contestants challenged and pushed to their limits. Now with a life-changing prize at stake who will have the final surge and claim victory? Checkout episode 5 […]

What to Look For in a Property Investment | Samuel Leeds

When buying a property it can quite a stressful process especially if new to the property game. In today’s video Samuel attempts it easier for those investing. He lists what people should be looking for when investing in property. • Find out the true property value. • Ask the seller what their lowest acceptance price […]

The Eviction – Episode 4: Business Plans

Episode 4 of The Eviction is here. This time the remaining contestants focus on the execution of their business plans and how it will compliment their property deals. Who will be the winner? Watch the whole series to find out! #TheEviction

The Eviction – Episode 3: No Money Down

Episode 3 of the eviction here! As the contestant get closer to the grand prize of £20,000. The challenges get harder and the stakes get higher. Who will survive? and who will go home? #TheEviction

Skeptical Dad Gets Family Into Property | Winners on a Wednesday #34

This week’s Winners on a Wednesday brings you a very special episode. It features academy member Ricci Mandal along with his family they have turned their property journey into a family business. Together they have all become invested in property and share the same mission to give back along the way. Ricci is 26 years […]

Golden Nuggets from Experienced Others | Winners on a Wednesday #30

Jeremy Grigg takes the winners on Wednesday seat this week with Samuel. Having quit his job as a teacher two years ago, he has become financially free having made £70,000 from his last deal and is making just under £200k per year from all his portfolio. Jeremy prior to meeting Samuel and attending any advance […]