Financially Free in ONE Deal! | Winners on a Wednesday #29

Matt Sims joins Samuel for the 29th episode of Winners on a Wednesday. Matt brings a very unconventional property investment to the table which is seeing him make around £60K per year off one deal. Having been involved in the events business for over 20 years and running a successful company. He decided sell the […]

RICH vs POOR. The Difference in Mindsets!

A strong positive mindset will go a long way when it comes to achieving your goals. The varying mind states between the rich and poor display the difference it takes to be successful. Samuel breaks down the top 7 difference between a rich and poor mental state.  Which side do you fall on? Is there […]

Deal Negotiation with Samuel Leeds

This weeks Financially Free by Friday, Samuel puts you behind the scenes as he takes on a property phone call. Here he negotiates a deal with a tired landlord. Watch to see what tips and techniques Samuel utilizes. Pushing for a good deal and learning how you can implement it yourself.

Entrepreneur ‘taught himself rich’ by watching YouTube videos | Nathan Winch

AN ENTERPRISING 28-yearold ‘no longer needs to work’ after teaching himself how to become a property entrepreneur in just four months by studying YouTube videos. Nathan Winch is raking in an average of £10,000 a month from property investments and in one morning alone, earned £13,500 from two deals he negotiated. And aside from legal […]

Lease Option Agreements | What Is A Lease Option?

Lease options are one of Samuel’s favorite strategies. Why? They allow a property investor to purchase the property without using any money! A large majority of Samuel’s wealth has been accumulated through this exact same strategy. Purchasing properties through the lease option strategy allows you to buy now and pay later. Too good to be […]