Lord Sugar’s comments leave sour taste!

Samuel Leeds

Lord Sugar’s comments leave sour taste Now it’s time to look at a claim levelled at me in The Scottish Sun newspaper, which also appeared online and was repeated again on the Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back show. In essence Lord Sugar appeared on a video and made these three claims which resulted in me […]

How to be more productive

How to be more productive In this video, you’ll learn a lot of things including how to be more productive. Are you a procrastinator? It’s a nonsense label really, all of us like to escape work from time to time. Whether it’s property, business, marriage, love or health – there are ways to improve your […]

How to make money as a teenager

You know the phrase ‘sweet 16’? You’re thinking it’s not that sweet, you’re probably wondering how to make money as a teenager and what path to go down. Trust us, you’re at a fantastic age because your entire future is ahead of you and you don’t have any commitments. You can make money as a […]

What is a Bridging Loan? How Does Bridging Finance Work?

Gathering the correct finances by using loans can sometimes can be extremely tricky. In this episode of mentoring Monday Samuel will explain how bridging loan can be used to invest in property without using any of your own money.