The Secret to Success & Happiness – Dr John Demartini

Samuel Leeds

The Secret to Success & Happiness – Dr John Demartini Dr. John Demartini is an investor who buys profitable companies and in my recent interview with him I tried to understand his take on real estate and crypto investments. I’ve spoken to a lot of investors and I don’t think there’s one right answer to […]

What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds What’s going on these days? The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, we don’t know where we’re allowed, where we’re not allowed; what’s going to happen? I ask Dr. John Demartini his perspective of what’s going to happen next. Let’s see what he had to say […]

Who is Samuel Leeds?

Who is Samuel Leeds? The question, ‘Who is Samuel Leeds?’ is not one that can be answered in-depth in one go. Most of you will be familiar with him as someone on stage or on screen. However, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what he’s like behind the scenes of his events and podcasts? We […]

How to be a winner in life

How to be a winner in life If you are asking yourself ‘How to be a winner in life’, you are probably tired of watching others win. You want a piece of the pie and so you should want it. However, there is one fundamental thing you need to do before you can have it. […]

Quick motivation tips

Quick motivation tips Looking for quick motivation tips? First, we need you to close your eyes. Now, imagine your life if you had 12 more days than anyone else per month. Picture that. You’ve got an additional 144 days in the year compared to everybody else – wouldn’t that be such a great competitive advantage? […]

What does self-made mean?

What does self-made mean? It’s a term which gets thrown around a lot so you could be wondering ‘What does self-made mean?’ Well, in reality, no successful person in the world is self-made. That’s simply because they all, including Samuel, needed help, support and training at some point along the way. That’s the beauty of […]

Monday motivation

Monday Motivation Are you ready for some Monday motivation? If you have a job, you might be wondering how to have Monday motivation. It’s a common theme. Let’s start with a reflection exercise. Ask yourself whether you have an employee mindset or an entrepreneurial mindset. Having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t mean you can’t have a […]

How to get rich in 2020

How to get rich in 2020 It’s going to come down to mindset and action. There’s no other way around the question ‘How to get rich in 2020’. If you truly want to know ‘How to get rich in 2020’, start by watching this video. Samuel sat down with millionaire entrepreneur, Arnon Barnes. They discussed […]

Who is Arnon Barnes?

Who is Arnon Barnes? If you are wondering who is Arnon Barnes, you may have heard of him through his speaking work. The answer to the question ‘Who is Arnon Barnes?’ doesn’t provoke a simple answer because he’s such a multi-faceted gentleman. He’s a businessman who has built and sold companies successfully for many years. […]

Can you work and do property?

Can you work and do property? At our events, many people approach us with the question, “Can you work and do property?” The answer is yes. Stuart Bell is living proof of this. He is one of our successful students. Having arrived at our Crash Course in early 2019, he equipped himself with the knowledge […]