Why I’m Selling My Properties Now—Answering Your Questions!

Samuel Leeds

Why I’m Selling My Properties Now—Answering Your Questions As a property investor who has been giving you countless valuable advice regarding the field, I’ve been getting many questions regarding my personal investments. Today, I’m going to answer all of your questions! Listen, even though I’m answering a few personal questions today, but just because I’m […]

What will the grandkids say?

What will the grandkids say? What will the grandkids say? Interest rates have never been lower, and there is no greater time to become a property investor than right now! To forge a legacy. When you think of the future, do you picture your wife/husband and children or grandkids? Perhaps you see yourself simply surrounded […]

Historic Bewdley mansion ‘in a far worse state than first thought!’

A RESTORATION project to turn a historic Bewdley mansion into luxury apartments will cost owners £2m – double the initial budget. Property developer Samuel Leeds, aged 28, says Ribbesford House, which he bought with his brother Russell at auction for £800,000 last year, is in a far worse state of repair than first anticipated. He […]

Should I Buy Property Through a LTD Company? | Property Investors Podcast #43

Another frequent question that is asked amongst property investors and comes up regularly at The Property Investors Crash Course is whether it is best to buy property in one’s own name or to buy using a limited company. On today’s episode #43 Russell Leeds and Alasdair Cunningham share their knowledge of the subject. The discussion […]

Buying HMO Properties with NO MONEY | Samuel Leeds

Property is a beautiful thing and along with Samuel many, it’s the best way to invest your money and make to become financially free. Today’s mentoring Monday Samuel will give you an introduction on how to purchase an HMO using none of you own MONEY. There are three ways to achieve this. How can they […]

Why I Turned Against Samuel Leeds | Losers on a Tuesday #43

This week’s winners on Wednesday takes a drastic twist as Samuel sits down with a former academy member Andrew Tiffany. They discuss Andrews history with the academy the reason why he feels that it hasn’t gained anything from Samuel’s training. Can they can come to a mutual understanding going forward.

How to Set Up a HMO in Article 4 Areas | Q&A Sunday #10

Welcome back to Q&A Sunday, the series in which I answer all your niggling property questions and offer advice to my wonderful viewers. Don’t forget to leave your questions in the comment section below for me to answer next week!