My Best Advice For Property Beginners w No Money & No Deals

Samuel Leeds

My Best Advice For Property Beginners w No Money & No Deals Hello, I’m Samuel Leeds. Today, I’m to give you the best advice to let you start property investment even if you don’t have money and deals. I’m in the property business for 12 years and became a multi-millionaire at 29 years of age. […]

How To Avoid Bad Joint Ventures?

Samuel Leeds

How To Avoid Bad Joint Ventures? In this article, I answer Alex’s questions on ways to avoid bad property joint ventures alongside my brother, Russel Leeds as we share what made our partnership a success. Q1: What was the biggest shock issue you had to run in when going into a JV development anything? to […]

Deal Sourcr – the new app set to revolutionise property investing!

deal sources

Deal Sourcr – the new app set to revolutionise property investing! Software engineer Ashley Rudland joined Samuel Leeds’ Property Investors Academy in April 2019. Within three months he had made his money back through deal sourcing and rent-to-rents. Then he topped that by developing an app and website which is set to revolutionise how property […]

Lease options explained

Lease Options Explained Going to the Baker Street property event? Well, Samuel was there recently and he spoke about one of the many ways you can generate serious profit in property. His speech about lease options explained the way it works, how to approach it and why it’s lucrative. If you’re searching for ‘lease options […]

No money down deal in London?

Can you do a no money down deal in London? At our crash courses and in our academy, you learn all about how to invest in property and make money without using your own funds. We try to educate people about this with our YouTube videos and social media content too. There are several strategies […]

No Money Down Property Deal in London

Finding a no money down property deal in London Can you do a no money down property deal in London? All of Samuel’s property deals have been outside the capital but he’s accepted the challenge to find a no money down property deal in London. Everybody says it’s so tough and property is in a […]

Making £8000 a month with NO MONEY DOWN Deals | Winners on a Wednesday #47

Welcoming the winner of the first series of The Eviction Show Anthony Wilmott. Today he sits down Samuel for episode #47 of Winners on a Wednesday. A year on after making his first appearance things are little different for Anthony. He has gone on to make a killing in the property game while winning the […]

Are LOA’s Legal? Would They Stand In Court?

In this second-part interview with solicitor, Sam Hawking and property investor Samuel Leeds, the pair discuss the topic of Lease Option Agreements – covering legalities and advice. Sam Hawking begins by sharing his response to myths on Lease Option Agreements being a ‘thing of the past’… “My response to that is Lease Option Agreements have been […]

TOO MANY property deals!

Do you ever find yourself in a position where you just have TOO MANY property deals coming your way? Are you unsure what to do with them? Renown property investor Samuel Leeds explains what you can do with those great deals instead of letting them go! So, if you have too many deals to choose […]

Property Investors Crash Course – LONDON!!!

Well, it has already been a week since our most recent Property Investors Crash Course with Samuel Leeds in London. What a fantastic turnout we had, it was a full house! ATTENDEES! The attendees were raring to go full of positivity and energy ready to start learning – something we love to see! We love […]