I’m sorry, I have been giving false hope ! – Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

I’m sorry, I have been giving false hope ! – Samuel Leed Back in October, I discussed the help to buy scheme with my brother Russell who didn’t agree with me stating that it’s screwed over first time property buyers. At the time, I thought that it’s an amazing scheme however, what they say is […]

How to buy properties for nothing.

Samuel Leeds

How to buy properties for nothing. You all are familiar with the fact now that I am a self-made millionaire and a property advisor. One of the most talked things about me, in newspapers, on the internet, at events and I have been asked to speak about it all the time that how I have […]

I bought this house for £63

Samuel Leeds

I bought this house for £6 I went to visit a house that was bought by one of my students for 63 pounds. The house was creatively financed and in this article, i’m going to be going around the house interviewing the student and showing you exactly how it was purchased for 63 pounds and […]

How To Avoid Bad Joint Ventures?

Samuel Leeds

How To Avoid Bad Joint Ventures? In this article, I answer Alex’s questions on ways to avoid bad property joint ventures alongside my brother, Russel Leeds as we share what made our partnership a success. Q1: What was the biggest shock issue you had to run in when going into a JV development anything? to […]

How to analyse Rent to Rent deals!

Samuel Leeds

How to analyse Rent to Rent deals! I’m a property entrepreneur and not only do I make a lot of money in property, but also put out YouTube videos, have a training company, and teach people on property management as well. A lot of my success students start off making their money using a strategy […]

Lease options explained

Lease Options Explained Going to the Baker Street property event? Well, Samuel was there recently and he spoke about one of the many ways you can generate serious profit in property. His speech about lease options explained the way it works, how to approach it and why it’s lucrative. If you’re searching for ‘lease options […]

No money down deal in London?

Can you do a no money down deal in London? At our crash courses and in our academy, you learn all about how to invest in property and make money without using your own funds. We try to educate people about this with our YouTube videos and social media content too. There are several strategies […]

No Money Down Property Deal in London

Finding a no money down property deal in London Can you do a no money down property deal in London? All of Samuel’s property deals have been outside the capital but he’s accepted the challenge to find a no money down property deal in London. Everybody says it’s so tough and property is in a […]

Use this line when negotiating the price for a property

Samuel sat down with Eviction winner, Anthony Wilmot live at the Property Investors Crash Course. Samuel is so proud of Anthony because he loves seeing his students succeed and sharing the stage gave him an opportunity to explain his strategy. How did he buy 3 houses without putting any of his own money down? Find out […]

No money? No experience? No problem! Here’s what to do…

Samuel Leeds wants you to be successful and enjoy freedom in your life! That’s why he takes time to answer your questions every single week. On this week’s episode, Samuel covers: How to negotiate property deals with no money and no experience Teenagers attending the crash course Buy-to-Let market situation And much more! When it […]