Courses for Landlords

Courses for Landlords If you are looking for courses for landlords, you’re in the right place. It’s possible that you are trying to take your property business to the next level. You are never too old or too successful to learn and improve. The person who stops evolving and is too arrogant to become a […]

Is the help to buy scheme worth it?

Is the help to buy scheme worth it? Are you asking “Is the help to buy scheme worth it?” Did you watch the recent video Samuel released about the Help To Buy government scheme? In that video, Samuel spoke about the downside of the Help To Buy scheme. Many of the comments were appreciative of […]

How to analyse a property deal

How to analyse a property deal If you want to know how to analyse a property deal, you need to attend our advanced training for the full breakdown and blueprint. However, right now Samuel is going to give you three gems which are at the foundations of all his deals. If you are an experienced […]

Is the property crash course good?

Property Crash Course If you haven’t attended one of our events yet, you are not ready to become a property investor. If you find yourself asking whether the property crash course will benefit you, you’re forgetting one thing – it’s free! The worst thing that could possibly happen is you walk away with more information […]

Things you must do before 2020

Things you must do before 2020 While everybody else is lazing around and losing track of the days over the next 5 days, you could be setting yourself up for major success. Starting on Boxing Day, there are 5 things you must do before 2020. If you achieve them, you will be head and shoulders […]

How to start a property business

Do you know how to start a property business? Find out how to start a property business with low capital. Lauren and Kayleigh grew up together and always wanted to go into business as a partnership. The duo decided to start a property business with little money by flipping houses. The pair were very traditional […]

Lee Barber with MS refuses to allow his disability to hold him back!

Video games designer, Lee Barber, has what many people would regard as a glamorous job, working for a subsidiary of Warner Bros. on well-known titles such as the popular Lego Movie series. He is well paid and has the satisfaction of knowing that his creative skills are helping to entertain thousands of people around the world. But […]