Multi-millionaire learns about property investing by watching Samuel Leeds’ YouTube videos

Samuel Leeds

Multi-millionaire learns about property investing by watching Samuel Leeds’ YouTube video Ruaraidh Macleod smoked his first joint when he was just 12 and also began drinking heavily to distract himself from an unhappy home life. Despite this unpromising start, Ruaraidh went on to establish the UK’s biggest guttering business now turning over £8m annually. Along […]

Lifetime ISA catches

Lifetime ISA Catches What are some of the Lifetime ISA catches? For those of you who are in the UK, you will be well aware of the term ISA. If you’re not sure what it is, here’s a definition. It’s a savings account set up by the government into which they’ll contribute 25%. So, let’s […]

The rich poor divide in the UK

The rich poor divide in the UK Are you worried about the rich poor divide in the UK? It’s not unreasonable to estimate that the gap between the wealthy and the working class will increase. The government pretends to care and put in policies which seem fair. In reality, it’s all smoke and mirrors. So, […]

Millionaire’s House Tour 2019 | Where should we put our home studio?

Millionaire’s House Tour It’s the stuff dreams are made of! The plush house with the pleasant surroundings for your family to enjoy. Using #TheFreedomFormula you can achieve these things and through videos like this we hope to inspire you. Moving his family down to London to further his business, Samuel Leeds opens his doors and […]

Look at what they’ve been saying about us

Property Investment Crash Course Reviews We know how amazing our courses are but don’t just take our word for it. Watch this short clip and hear the opinions of people who attended! They say the journey of 1000 miles starts with a step. That first step, in this instance, is attending our free event. If […]

From Crash Course to PROPERTY EMPIRE | Winners on a Wednesday #12

Brett Jackson from Barnsley is a true success story and demonstrates how hard work with the correct property knowledge can definitely pay off.  Just like most attendees, Brett Jackson started educating himself with Samuel Leeds YouTube channel, engaging with the social media pages, reading ‘Buy Low Rent High’ and making the final step by attending […]

Multi-let VS Single Let Properties

This weeks latest video sees Samuel delve into deciding which property investment model Multi-Lets (HMOs) vs. Single Let is most beneficial. Multi-Lets (HMOs) In the case of Multi-lets (HMOs) one of its biggest deterrents as Samuel explains is the expensive nature that it takes to set up a HMOs such various set up costs involving […]

Property Training – Property Investors Crash Course | Samuel Leeds

No matter where it is you are on your property journey, The Property Investors Crash Course is for you! You may be a brand new beginner who is just getting started in property or you might be a seasoned professional but the Property Investors Crash Course has it all. Samuel Leeds is a property investor […]

Why This Doctor Chose Property | Samuel interviews Dez Ebenezer

In this interview, Samuel sat down with doctor turned property investor, Dez Ebenezer. Dez is a part of Samuel’s Property Investors Academy and plans to own multiple houses in order to leave a legacy for his children. He already has property deals secured and is well on his way to ultimate financial freedom! Dez, who […]