7 Reasons to Buy Property Now in 2020!

Samuel Leeds

7 Reasons to Buy Property Now in 2020! In  this article, I’m going to be giving you the seven reasons as to why I love investing in property.  I’ve been investing in property for 12 years now and I’ve made millions of pounds doing so as I really like it. Unlike a lot of people […]

My Most Inspirational Student Ever! | Samuel Leeds and Andrea Harber


My Most Inspirational Student Ever! | Samuel Leeds and Andrea Harber I went to Blackpool but right there, is one of the worst houses in the best street that was recently purchased by one of my student Andrea. Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer that kind of put everything on hold for her but at […]

4 Key Steps To Success

Samuel Leeds

4 Key Steps To Success! Hey there, my name’s Samuel Leeds. I’m a property investor, and over the course of 11 to 12 years I’ve built a massive portfolio of properties, written several books, and become a multi-millionaire. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! Today, I’m going to discuss the four key steps […]

The Biggest Myths About Passive Income

Samuel Leeds

The Biggest Myths About Passive Income. In this blog, I’m going to be telling you the truth about passive income. Now, this is the flip-side of some of the negative things you may have heard about passive income. This is from someone who has worked in the business for more than twelve years, has accumulated […]

Speaking to Lease Option Sellers and Landlords

Samuel Leeds

Speaking to Lease Option Sellers and Landlords In my recent call, I spoke to Chris one of the students in our deal selling masterclass. Chris posed some questions which I gladly answered and gave him some advice on securing deals. Read through our conversation and I hope that you’ll learn a thing or two from […]

What to do with savings

What to do with savings If you’re wondering what to do with savings, congratulations! You probably had to sacrifice things to make it happen – your work ethic deserves plaudits. Below we’re going to talk a little bit about what to do with savings. Have you got some questions for Samuel? Jot them down in the […]

What are the 3 most important things to know in property investment?

Of course, there are many aspects and attributes which go into making a solid property investment. During this live stage session, Samuel described three core factors which every property investor must prioritise when considering their projects. One of them is ROI. Return on investment is the first one, can you guess what the other two […]

Millionaire’s House Tour 2019 | Where should we put our home studio?

Millionaire’s House Tour It’s the stuff dreams are made of! The plush house with the pleasant surroundings for your family to enjoy. Using #TheFreedomFormula you can achieve these things and through videos like this we hope to inspire you. Moving his family down to London to further his business, Samuel Leeds opens his doors and […]