How does bridging finance work?

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about the Property Investors Podcast – have you missed it? You can catch up on all the episodes on the YouTube channel, starting with this video from last week. This one is for people who ask ‘how does bridging finance work?’ So, if you find yourself searching for […]

Government set to ABOLISH Section 21 | Property Investors Podcast #27

Saturday brings you the 27th episode of the Property Investors podcast. The guys discuss one of the biggest news stories of the year that will have huge ramifications for all landlords. They also go through some of your questions and answer them the best way they know how. Also if you haven’t already please remember […]

Property Investors Podcast #16

What is Europe’s biggest buy-to-let hotspot? Russell reveals that Ireland is the best place in Europe to invest in buy-to-lets. Although being listed with an ROI of just 8% which is relatively low. Ireland still ranks number one for investing in buy-to-lets. The reasonable prices combined with the stability of the euro all this adds […]

Property Investors Podcast #15

Fergus Wilson is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. Russell and Alasdair tackle the controversial property landlord’s latest media story.  For those not all too familiar with Mr. Wilson he known throughout the UK for being one of the worst landlords around. He has reputation for being derogatory towards his tenants, […]

A NEW Opportunity for UK Property Investing? Property Investors Podcast #9

  Once again welcome back to the property investors podcast.  On this week episode, the guys discuss how student accommodation prices have risen by nearly a third. One who isn’t surprised at the rise in prices is Alasdair. The reason for the stark rise in rents is due to the standard of the accommodation becoming […]

Which UK City is the Future of Property Investing? Property Investors Podcast #8

  For more information on how you can get started in property investing, click here: In this week’s show we discuss the pros and cons of commercial property investing. We also meet nurse and mother of four, Ann Mather who become financially free through property investing in just 4 WEEKS! We also discuss which […]

Is Commercial Property the FUTURE? | Property Investors Podcast #7

For more information on how you can get started in property investing, click here: In this week’s show, we meet a young entrepreneur named Brett Jackson who attended the Property Investors Crash Course last year and is now financially free earning a passive income of £3,000 per month. We also discuss whether or not […]

Property Investors Podcast Episode #5

Join myself Russell Leeds, CEO and property investor with Samuel Leeds and Alasdair Cunningham, a landlord, investor and director of Better Source Limited. We will be giving you the secret sauce of how to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and discuss how to secure lease option agreements, as well as empty homes and national […]