To those who doubted me!

Samuel Leeds

To those who doubted me! You may have seen some bad newspaper articles about me or things that look like a smear campaign and today I want to clear all that up in this article. I want to tell you exactly where it all stems from because there’s been lots of different people that seem […]

How to be more productive

How to be more productive In this video, you’ll learn a lot of things including how to be more productive. Are you a procrastinator? It’s a nonsense label really, all of us like to escape work from time to time. Whether it’s property, business, marriage, love or health – there are ways to improve your […]

Property Training – Property Investors Crash Course | Samuel Leeds

No matter where it is you are on your property journey, The Property Investors Crash Course is for you! You may be a brand new beginner who is just getting started in property or you might be a seasoned professional but the Property Investors Crash Course has it all. Samuel Leeds is a property investor […]

Simon Zutshi and Samuel Leeds talk Property Investing

Simon Zutshi and Samuel Leeds talk Property Investing Samuel Leeds sat down with Simon Zutshi, one of the UK’s most successful property investors for a in depth deep dive conversation on property investing in the UK. Simon has over two decades of personal experience investing in residential property in the UK and actually mentored Samuel […]