How to manage a property portfolio from distance

Samuel Leeds

How to manage a property portfolio from distance? I recently spoke to Nick on how he got from having 10 pounds to getting a deal and through this article, I documented some of the answers he gave me through the interview and therefore, I hope he’s an inspiration to many as you learn something from […]

How to buy properties for nothing.

Samuel Leeds

How to buy properties for nothing. You all are familiar with the fact now that I am a self-made millionaire and a property advisor. One of the most talked things about me, in newspapers, on the internet, at events and I have been asked to speak about it all the time that how I have […]

“I’ve Made More Money In Lockdown Than Ever Before” – Dr. John Demartini

Samuel Leeds

“I’ve Made More Money In Lockdown Than Ever Before” – Dr. John Demartin Dr. John Demartini is an investor who buys profitable companies and in my recent interview with him I tried to understand his take on real estate and crypto investments. I’ve spoken to a lot of investors and I don’t think there’s one […]

Buying Properties With Cash

Buying Properties With Cash If you are wondering whether buying properties with cash is a good idea, you need to watch this video. Recently, Samuel has been working closely with high net-worth individuals and celebrities to help them diversify their portfolios. He was astounded by the number of them who wanted to invest by using […]

How to build JOINT VENTURE PARTNERSHIPS | BTS with Samuel Leeds

How to build joint venture partnerships. In today’s video we follow Samuel and Amanda as they head to Doncaster to attend a meeting with the view of starting a joint venture partnership. When developing and building property Samuel knows a good solid building team is key. With this is mind he has set up a […]

From Crash Course to PROPERTY EMPIRE | Winners on a Wednesday #12

Brett Jackson from Barnsley is a true success story and demonstrates how hard work with the correct property knowledge can definitely pay off.  Just like most attendees, Brett Jackson started educating himself with Samuel Leeds YouTube channel, engaging with the social media pages, reading ‘Buy Low Rent High’ and making the final step by attending […]